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My most read and liked stories in Q1 2021

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

At first, I was surprised by the attention this alien story received, but now that I’ve connected with so many people had many new discussions on the “alien topic,” I’m not surprised at all. This is something everyone has an opinion on. What’s yours?

I wrote about my brother’s murder for a few reasons. Firstly, to share his story hoping that one day someone might read it and help us find his killer. Also, to speak the truth to a pain that many know but cannot express. Also, if I’m honest, to unburden myself and give away a bit of the burden of these emotions. When you are left behind to live with the unknown, it eats away at you like memory or idea on the edge of your brain that you can’t grasp, but that won’t go away.

It was pleasing to see this poem well received. Since I was nine years old, I've written poetry, but this is among the first (the first?) that I have ever shared outside of close friends and family.

The poem speaks to the reality that comes with breakups and the way that, in time, the partners we knew better than the back of our own hands eventually become strangers to us. If you’ve ever run into an ex you haven’t seen in years, you understand this feeling and how strange it is that you can unknow someone.

Adventure, travel, wellness and the joy of satisfying curiosity one experience at a time.

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