Now, what am I supposed to do? I mean, I don’t have a farm or 1,000 pounds of alfalfa. I don’t even know how to create fiber.

She made me wonder about a place called the Faraway, Nearby

Photos by Rene Cizio

You shouldn’t attempt this hike if you aren’t physically fit, are afraid of heights, or don’t want to die like 13 others

Photo by Colton Duke on Unsplash

They “rewrote” it so poorly that it’s hilarious. I laughed aloud a few times. See mine above and theirs below. Enjoy

Photo by Maria Teneva on Unsplash

I didn’t always love traveling until I started finding pieces of myself in lands I’d never seen before

Photo by Rene Cizio

I used to think I was an environmentally friendly person. Now, I realize I’m a total slacker.

Photo by Rene Cizio

What’s an Earthship?

A year ago, I met a woman who believed in aliens, and she passed some of that on to me.

Photo by Rene Cizio

Travel. Outdoors. USA. Big Bend National Park.

You won’t find many other people, or amenities, or the bustle of life that we American’s are so accustomed

Photo by Rene Cizio

Turns out Thoreau was much heartier than I gave him credit for. But I wonder if he’d have stayed? Would you?

Photo of San Antonio cabin by Rene Cizio

The Cabin

It involves an egg and willing suspension of disbelief

Photo by the author

How I Got Here

Rene Cizio

Solo road tripping through the USA in my van. Seeking adventure, culture, and self-improvement #writer, #blogger #author.

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